Quick background on our soils.


Modern has been in the soil business since 1995. We bagged the soils for a large company. They shipped to stores in the Tri-State area and New York


We started selling bulk sales to homeowners for their homes and gardens a few years ago. We at Modern Soils make our own soils on site. We have a composing site which we compost, turn, and screen our soils.


Our soils are all mushroom spent substrate based product. We take the mushroom compost from Modern Mushroom Farms growing facility to fields. We then let the compost naturally leach out for 18 months to 2 years. Then we make long ricks and turn with zero master turners and Wild Cat compost turner. We then haul the soil back to our bagging facility and sacked onto large hills with a track-machine.

We feel that our mushroom compost soils are among the best produced in this area!

Our custom blend "Garden Soil" is formulated from a variety of organic substances. This includes shiitake and oyster mushrooms logs, hay, straw, horse manure, poultry manure, spagnum peat moss, gypsum, lime, sugar beat lime. All these ingredients go into our "Garden Soil" blend. The soil is ground composted blended with our secret extracted teas, and then turned and composted into a dark rich humified compost.

Our soils are screened. This ensures that you get clean rich soil with no rocks or trash that you might find in other soils.


My name is Larry. I have been with Modern Mushroom Farms for 30 years. My crew and I take pride in our soils here at Modern Soils. I have been to Advance Compost System Training Workshops. People who buy "my" soil usually call back for more the next year. I was out of the small bulk business last year.

To all of my great customers, I AM BACK!